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Our Work

Wenji-bimaadizing Media seeks to promote, establish and create solutions for the documentation, education and access to Indigenous Languages, Knowledge and Way of Life. We aim to enhance these experiences through effective and efficient tools that contribute to Customs, Teachings and Languages. Technology will never replace our inter-personal interactions, we aim to add additional resources that will accent our relationships as Indigenous People.


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We have been doing website development for this Organization for 2.5 years. We organize Language Consultants. We are planning to start developing Ojibwe Language Lessons for worksheets and video lessons.


Supporting our Recovery Communities holds a dear spot in our work. We develop, maintain the website along with managing the store. We also record, edit and post the Sober Squad Podcast.

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This is one of our Companies to develop Technological Resources and Application Portals (Apps) for Tribes and Tribal Organizations. Using the technological methods of our time to enhance our experiences as Indigenous People to have access to language, knowledge and each other.


Develop and maintain the site. We actively partner with artists and crafters to have items available. We manage the store and produce merchandise for sale on the website. 

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