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Rezidivism- The effects of Rez Life that cause a tendency to repeat an undesirable....

Aaniin, I would like to discuss why Rez Boyz are more likely to lose their identities. First, who the heck am I? Nazhike-awaasang indizhinikaaz, Migizi indoodem, Misi-zaaga'iganing indoonjibaa (language plays a key part in Anishinaabe Identity and will share more...) In English- The Star that Shines Alone is my name, my Clan is the Bald Eagle and I am from the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Indian Reservation/Nation/Tribe/....(history and self markers play a key part in Anishinaabe Identity and will share [smiley face]) I grew up on the rez, watching rez people rez in a time before there were rich rez'z. I remember watching the tractors pave the roads and I touched the warm pavement. I was barefoot and the heat felt like it was going to melt my foot. The smell was dizzying since I was used to the forest air (connection to the forest plays a key part in Anishinaabe Identity and will share more.) I was about 6 years old at this time. Growing up I was witnessing NORMAL/ABNORMAL but it was all NORMAL to me behaviors/activities/scenarios which would ultimately lead to me being 28 years old and wanting to die. The characteristics that I would like to use to define this concept of mine called "Rezidivism" are from my life. I define it as "the effects of Rez Life that cause a tendency to repeat an undesirable behavior over generations that result in identity loss." Over the course of this Blog and Podcast, I would like examine these instances to help others grow. Through your interactions and insight, I want to get to the Root of our Trauma so my sons and your sons can further shake these actions and have a better life. I want to avoid having my boys experience the things I have but I am afraid that the inter-generational trauma juggernaut will sweep them away from me.... It is tough for me to even type it out. I have noticed that my typing has slowed and my throat is closing. Tears are forming in the back of my eyeballs just thinking about it. Since this is the first post on this blog, I want to share my intentions: 1. to express our fears 2. to examine why they effect us 3. compare our Rez Life Experiences on how we can stop them from being passed on to the next generations. How are we going to do this? I want to use this BLOG for those that prefer to read and a PODCAST for those that prefer to listen and eventually we would use video for those that prefer visuals. I will be interviewing others to help gain more perspectives on what is Rezidivism and how did it affect their life. I would also like your insights. Please email, LIKE us on Facebook "Wenji-bimaadizing Media". And please look over the website. We are currently looking for contributors of finances, content, ideas, production and equipment. I encourage you all to join in on the Rezidivism discussion and look forward to the solutions that come out of our discussions. Miigwech.

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